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When our clients are happy so are we.

“Thanks so much for the install. My husband was so happy that you could get the second seat in the middle.”   

“He's tall and it would have been nearly impossible for him to drive with the seat being so close to the steering wheel. Thanks again!”  - Jelena (July 20, 2012)

“LaVonne met us at the airport (on a Friday evening no less) and quickly and professionally installed the seat into our hire car.” 

“As Australians we were unfamiliar with the Canadian child seat regulations so it was an immense help to have LaVonne ensure that our 11 month old daughter was safe for our holiday in the Rockies.

We were very impressed with the seat (which was in immaculate condition) and the service that LaVonne provided. We would recommend Keepin’ Baby Safe to anyone travelling  with children to Calgary.” - Sebastian _ Melissa Verbeeten (July 2012)

“We received a ton of positive feedback about you and your services at our Safety Month events.” 

“I would like to again personally thank you for taking a few moments to look at my car seat set up.That gratitude was repeated to me by several employees that I spoke to after these events. Hopefully we'll do it again next year.” - Paul Parsons, B.Ed Ready Mix Driver Trainer, Greater Calgary Ready Mix Lafarge Canada Inc. (June 2012)

“Thank you for seeing us today, I am so glad we took the time to get the seats checked.”

“I am horrified that we had issues, I feel like we are hardcore about our seats and such compared to our friends and yet still we had issues. Thanks again!” - Kristi (June 2012)

“You have inspected all my seats and I love your service.” - Tina (October 2011)

“Hi there! I was at the Sunridge Toys R Us where you had the car seat clinic and while demonstrating the rear tether it came out of the seat...”

“As per your advice I contacted Britax and they are issuing me a new tether. Not the entire seat I was hoping for however a new tether will suffice. Thank you again for inspecting my car seat, the knowledge I gained was invaluable!” - Sincerely, Carla (September 2011)

“Thank you so much for talking with me today!!”

“Your help and information has taken a huge rock off my shoulders. Have a great night!” - Josie (May 2011)

“Hey Lavonne! Thanks for offering to help out.”

“I do recognize that you have been volunteering with us for many years and your knowledge and assistance is always appreciated!” Kim - Rockyview Insurance Services, Airdrie (April 2011)

“We just got our car seat installed by you a couple of weeks ago-we love it!” Thanks, Michele (March 2011)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do!”

“I would love to have more of your brochures/cards etc. as I use them as a resource to hand out to my moms during our Baby and You classes that I teach for Alberta Health Services. Everyone that I have talked to about your services is really impressed - great work!” Sheila (2011)

“Congrats on the great, meaningful work you do.”

“With so many car seats installed incorrectly, it's great to know that Calgary parents have such a great resource in their community. Fabulous!” Many thanks, Nancy - Calgary (Aug. 2010)

“Thank you so much for providing both very valuable services of carseat inspection and recycling!

“I really appreciate all the info you gave me, how patient you were with all my questions and also for the extra confidence and certainty I now have with our carseat. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to using your services again in the future!” Best regards, Britt - Calgary (June 2010)

“Thank you for your time today, I found it very informative! Talk about great customer service!” Alenna (Feb. 2010)

“We feel so much more confident and safe driving our precious "cargo" around.”

“We just wanted to thank you again for your home visit last week. We feel so much more confident and safe driving our precious "cargo" around. We were very impressed with your patients with our kids, thoroughness with each seat and just overall care and attention that you gave to the situation. After you left we called everyone we knew to share our new found excitement regarding car seat safety! Thank you again - your service was very much appreciated!” Joelle _ Brent - Calgary (2010)

“The expertise and professionalism cannot be overstated”

“As a mom-to-be, I recommend Keepin' Baby Safe to every expectant mother/couple, friend, family or colleague who is looking for a professional installation to take advantage of this one of a kind service. It concerns me knowing that so many car seats are installed incorrectly and as a result many infants and children are being put at risk of injury. LaVonne really went out of her way to ensure that I was satisfied with a new car seat, confident enough to install my child's seat and offered a refresher course once my child was born. My mother (grandma) also learned alot from the consultation and looks forward to the upcoming FREE grandparent clinic.” Laura - Calgary (2009)

“Hope people take advantage of a car seat clinic. No parent could put a price on a child's life.” Colleen - Calgary (2009)

“Keepin' Baby Safe exemplifies the dedication to the community.” Monica - Okotoks (2009)

“The experience, wealth of information, and professionalism goes to show!” Jennifer - Airdrie (2009)

“You’re caring, thorough and adamancy on doing it right gives us TOTAL peace of mind.”

“In addition to your enthusiasm for performing well, you brought expertise and professionalism necessary to ensure parents are confident enough to harness their child and secure the car seat for a safe ride. I can't stress enough how good you are and I can't stress enough how important it is to getting your car seat installed CORRECTLY. Who would want to take that chance? Thank goodness your service is available. Not only will you install our child’s car seat correctly, you taught me how to use it right, understand the entire technical lingo and checked for any recalls. LaVonne you are a wealth of information especially when it comes to Transport Canada's recommendations and the manufacturer's guidelines. Parents need to understand there are potential hazards when selecting and using third-party aftermarket products. In no case should any product be used that interferes with the proper positioning and adjustment of the child restraint harness or other safety features of the car seat. I'm very excited about your new store(s) opening in Calgary. Be sure to let me know when you open up shop! Thank you so much again for your expertise when installing our new car seat and checking our other one!”  Shelley - Calgary (2009)

“What a wonderful service you offer at Toys R Us” Dawn - Calgary (2008)

“We are so impressed and thankful for your service” Shelley _ Tom - Calgary (2008) 

“It was an easy and pleasant experience that also brought me tremendous peace of mind.” Tina _ Matt - Calgary (2007)

“Best money I ever spent from start to finish for possibly saving my child’s life!” Jolene - Calgary (2007)

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