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Car Seat Safety

Inspections and Installations

Community Car Seat Clinic | Meet and Greet
Free Advice | Home Visit
Car Seat Consultation | URGENT Service

The purpose of our car seat services is to educate parents and help install their child’s car seat properly. Our Certified Car Seat Technicians are available – by appointment – year round throughout Calgary and area.

Inspect – Install – Educate

Community Car Seat Clinic

  • $25 per seat
  • $40 for 2 or more, up to a max of 4
  • $40 per seat
  • $60 for 2 or more, up to a max of 4

Meet and Greet

Have you recently installed your car seat, need a second opinion or going to purchase a seat? Our technician will arrange a meeting place and time which is convenient yet central in Calgary and/or Airdrie.

Free Advice

Call us (403) 969-1054 between 8:00am-8:00pm for free advice, tips, and to answer any concerns about car seat installations.

Home Visit

For your convenience our technician will come to your residence where you can experience an individualized assessment of your particular car seat and vehicle.

  • $100 includes one (re)installation
  • $20 additional seats

*Fuel charge may be applied if not in city limits

Car Seat Consultation

Let us help you choose the “best fitting” car seat! Our technician will meet with you at any retailer’s location for your convenience and discuss the options available. The session is usually an hour or longer depending on which seat best fits in your vehicle.

  • $120 includes one installation

URGENT Service

If you require immediate service or if your child is being discharged from the hospital; our technician will be dispatched and we will provide you with an install within an hour or two.

  • $150 within city limits or surrounding areas $200

All prices may be subject to applicable taxes (5% GST).

Please have your car seat instruction booklet and vehicle owner’s manual readily available for our technician.

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