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About Keepin’ Baby Safe

Every year in Canada, the leading cause of death for children aged 0-14 years are motor vehicle collisions - an average 10,000 children are injured or killed.

Keepin’ Baby Safe mission is to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities of young children in motor vehicle collisions by educating parents on the importance of child passenger safety.

“Prevention through education has been our focus of Keepin' Baby Safe since 2006 and we continue to increase community awareness with our roles, responsibilities, resources and clinics.”


LaVonne Ries is a renowned child passenger safety expert with over 13 years experience helping children (including those with special needs) ride safely and securely in vehicles. A mother of three young children, LaVonne has made safe travel for kids a priority in her life and family. To date she has inspected / installed over 6000 car seats, providing thousands of families with peace of mind.

Our Certified Child Restraint System Technicians

Technicians are fully trained and certified to ensure they comply with Transport Canada's standards and car seat manufacturer's guidelines. As a team we bring technical and analytical skills necessary to ensure all clients are competent and confident enough to secure their child's car seat for a safe ride.

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