Have you registered your child’s car seat? It may be affected by a recall! Click here to view all Transport Canada’s recent recalls.         
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Please note as of October 1st I will no longer be doing car seat inspections or installations.

As passionate as I am for child passenger safety, I'm heartbroken knowing there isn't a whole lot of options available for parents and recommend parents. Please contact the Calgary Children's Hospital, Calgary Police-Traffic Department, St. John Ambulance or following The Car Seat Lady for any information.

Our last FREE INSPECTION clinic will be held on Tuesday, September 17th at Strathcona Community Centre.

Thank you all for your support! LaVonne Ries

Here is a Method That Helps Car Owners Spend Less on Quality Coverage

Nothing beats having to spend less for what is often considered very expensive and when it comes to auto insurance Calgary Alberta and other coverage plans like it, you should never really be surprised with the level of expense that you need to deal with especially since insurance policies do cost a lot of money when you come to think about it. What is great however these days is that there are a lot of means that you can be able to cut down the expenses for your car coverage as long as you pay attention to particular details before you finally decide which one to purchase.

Focus on Your Needs
Before even deciding to go for a consultation with an insurance provider you have to make up your mind on the particulars that you expect to get from the coverage plan you intend to purchase, this means that you have to be well aware of the different benefits and advantages that you would like to receive as well as all the possible assistance and aid that you could get from a provider. With these details in mind you do not only ensure yourself that you get the insurance deal that you truly deserve but this also gives you a better chance of landing a coverage plan that is a lot more affordable and one where you will only have to pay for what you have intended to get.

Ask for Better Pricing
Although it may seem a bit odd but there are a lot of companies out there who are more than willing to hand you a price to the insurance that you want but as long as you openly discuss with them your need to get a much affordable coverage plan especially for your automobile. Most of the time you will not be too certain if you can get to cut down the cost of your car insurance but there are a good number of providers these days who would be more than happy to grant you better prices, flexible payment schemes and even discounted insurance plans when you discuss with them your current financial status, as these details will help them set you up with a plan that comes closest to all your needs and at the same time also grants you better pricing.

Get Other Coverage Too
There are providers out there that do not only give you quality auto insurance but also have other coverage plans that you may also need for your other investments and possessions, in fact, some of these companies can offer you much better deals in prices for all of these different coverage plans when you get to purchase everything in bulk. Study and review all of the providers that have these types of insurance packages and you will be surprised to compare and even canvass with each and eventually learn that a lot of these companies make it a point to give clients the more affordable prices since they get to purchase and support the brand through the varied coverage plans.




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